Gaming World: Enter a New World

Here are two top gaming devices, all set to counter strike every other gaming hopeful, and rises to their calls of duty. razer-edge-pro-windows-8-gaming-tablet-pc-620x394Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet The Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet is much ado about everything! This is one heck of a powerful device and it easily places on top of most gizmo charts. The Edge Pro tablet comes with a  10.1 IPS panel display with 10-points of touch. Its resolution is 1366 x 768 resolution and having a 1080p over HDMi out connection. It also runs  Windows 8, and is powered up by an Intel i5/i7 upto 1.9GHz (turbo to 3.0GHz). It is backed by 4-8GB of memory and a DX11 capable 640M gpu along with Intel’s HD400 integrated GPU.  amazingly it has a Solid State Drive within capable of 256GB (SATA III). The Razer Edge Pro sounds like it can muscle functions and processes like your desktop. But this chip power force is not intended to be a desktop replacement. However with some interesting accessories, after its launch, which are sure to come out, you can turn this into a desktop-type experience. Nvidia Project Shield The Nvidia Project Shield is difficult to categorize. Is it a tablet, or is it a power unit with an Android tablet attached to it? Its not like Nvidia took a shot in the dark and came up with an alien concept. This is exactly what it intended to do. This device runs the new Tegra 4 mobile processor inside and works on Android, with its whole world of apps, games, utilities and every other Android giving benefit. The device also supports  4K display resolutions and has 720p on its 5-inch display. It supports HDMI, Ethernet, MicroSD, WiFi. It also has 3G/4G connection speeds support. Further there’s support for Valve’s Steam digital distribution marketplace for gaming and software needs. There’s also the Tegra Zone marketplace. This can even reap the benefits of Nvidia’s  new Cloud Gaming initiative which has a promising future. This mobile device can bring about revolutionary changes and is truly mobile capable. Gamers be aware! Its host of possibilities include streaming of content wirelessly through your PC device giving a 1080p HD display/TV (wireless). It also comes pre-loaded with Beats audio tech.

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