Game Review – Zombie Carnaval for iOS

Zombie Carnaval is a new game based on zombies for iOS Devices. This game is designed by Mobigames and its features are quite amazing. In this game the zombies on earth are enraged and they are revolting against the humans. All of the population on earth is in danger. This game is basically endless runner game and it is surely for all age gamers. Zombies in mobile games were not really used that much as they are coming with games now days. So anything now days that comes with the Zombies gets really famous among the device users. Well this is a good thing for the app developers and gives them an opportunity to come up with quality games for different gaming devices. Graphics of this game are much detailed and the controlling is also pretty easy. So lets now check out the features of this game below.

Zombie Carnaval

Features of Zombie Carnaval for iOS Devices –
  • – When the Zombies come into any game graphics surely gets better because of the detailing of the characters and all.
  • – The game play is also very funny and you will love it.
  • – Different types of power ups are also there to enjoy the game.
  • – There are around 60 different levels are there in the game  so the game scope is really wide.
  • – Its available for all iDevices.

Zombie Carnaval game

Conclusion – Zombie Carnaval is surely a good game because of the graphics and the lots of game play. From our side it’s a good to go game for your iDevice and you should really get it on you device. Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link – Zombie Carnaval iTunes Store.
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