Game Review – Zaxxon Escape by Sega for Android and iOS

Zaxxon Escape is a new game for iOS and Android devices by Sega. As you already know Sega is one of the most famous gaming firm of all times, so Zaxxon Escape is kind of a new version of old 80’s game. It is basically an endless runner game for iOS and Android devices. This game is offering tilt and touch based game play. You will need to tilt your device on the perfect timings to score higher in the game. You can also fire different types of weapons in the game. On your way of endless runner adventure you can pick up many types of power ups to shoot out the doors and other obstacles.

Zaxxon Escape

So basically you will need to fly Zaxxon Prime fighter plane in this game with perfect controlling. Environment of this game is beautifully designed with quality graphics. You will need to collect coins and avoid obstacles on your way to endless runner experience. There are different types of power ups introduced in the game like Auto pilot and all. You can also upgrade your plane using collected coins in the game by going through in-app purchases. Features of Zaxxon Escape by Sega for Android and iOS devices –
  • – Graphics of this game are really good with quality background details.
  • – Upgrade your plane using the collected coins.
  • – In App purchases are also included in the game.
  • – There are more than 30 achievements to unlock in the game with game centre support too.
  • – Endless runner gaming experience on your Android or iDevices.
  • – Different types of power ups to collect.

Zaxxon Escape Graphics

Conclusion – Zaxxon Escape is a must have game for the fans of Sega games. If you loved this game in the times of 80’s then you will surely like it on your smart device too. Go and get it on your device for sure. Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link – iOS || Android
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