Game Review – Where’s My Perry for iOS & Android

Where’s My Perry is a new game for iOS and Android Devices by Disney. This game is pretty similar to the previous game by Disney called Where’s My Water. It is a game based on simple physics in which you will need to use water in all conditions to solve the puzzles. This game is for both iOS and Android devices and its pretty famous already. It is based on the famous cartoon show Phineas and Ferb. If you have watched the show then you will know that here we are talking about Perry the platypus of this show. You will need to help Perry to reach to its headquarters using the transportation tubes. If you have played Where’s My Water already then you will not have any difficulty understanding the controls of this game too. For new gamers this game will surely bring cool physics based fun on their devices. From our side it’s a good to go game for your Android and iOS devices.

Where's My Perry Features of Where’s My Perry game for iOS & Android –

  • – Graphics of Where’s My Perry game are pretty awesome.
  • – It is similar to the previous game by Disney Where’s My Water.
  • – There are 4 chapters in the game and more are coming soon.
  • – You will need to help Perry in 80 different puzzle based levels.
  • – It is also offering some in app purchases too.

Where's My Perry Graphics Conclusion – If you are a fan of Physics based puzzle games then Where’s My Perry is surely an amazing game for you. You will really enjoy it on your Android or iOS devices. So you should totally get it from the download link below. Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link – Where’s My Perry – iOS ||   Android

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