Game Review: Vector for Android

After Temple Run, running games have started getting more attention. Some games like Panda Run or Agent Dash tried encashing the trend but nothing could repeat the magic created by Temple Run. Vector is latest addition to the series, an arcade style runner game which sounds a bit different and better then countless of runner games. Giving a glance at the storyline, we thought we are close to another free yet addictive game. Was it able to live up to our expectations or it failed? Let’s see where it stands in our review. Storyline This takes you into a Totalitarian world where you are nothing more than a part of freedom less world. Your free mind is not ready to accept this and one fine moment, you decide to go free. You run leaving everything behind and the chase begins. Big Brother, you bad pursuer is behind you. Run, climb and escape through obstacles like stacks, tables, water tanks. One wrong step and your freedom comes to an end. Gameplay The game is based on an urban ninja sport called Parkour where you use your gymnastic techniques to handle the obstacles. Controls are based on fingers swipes for jumping, sliding, accelerating etc. The controls are easy and will not take more than a while to get used to. First stage starts with a tutorial which ensures you are an expert player as soon you complete it. You keep winning coins as the game progress which can be used to purchase tricks and abilities. Not to mention, you can always opt to purchase more of these virtual coins with real money within the app itself. The game is divided in to 3 locations namely Downtown, Construction Yard and Technology Park. These are further subdivided in to stories where you run through different sets of obstacles. Graphics Unlike Temple Run, Vector is based on 2D graphics. Both player and chaser are mere black shadows and obstacles have also been represented in Black color. However impressive details of the world make you feel like real life action. You can set the quality of graphics from the settings. High quality graphics impact the speed of game and result in to lagging, even on a dual core processor. Switching to low level graphics fixes this and the change is unnoticeable. Audio A futuristic background music keeps you engaged while playing the game. There’s hardly any communication between runner and chaser, there’s no shooting, gun sound, blasts or whatever. The game keeps it as simple as required. Feel free to play it muting the audio of your phone, it hardly matters. Pros:

  • Addictive
  • Impressive Storyline
  • Keeps you hooked for hours
  • Graphics and Audio
  • Lags even on good configuration devices
Rating: 4/5 Verdict: Vector is like a fresh breath of air in the world of Temple Run copycats. It presents running game in a different approach. And guess what, we liked it. Its free and a must try, you won’t be disappointed. Screenshots: clip_image001[4] clip_image002[4] clip_image003[4] clip_image004[4] clip_image005[4] clip_image006[4] clip_image007[4]
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