Game Review – Thor Lord of Storms for Android

Thor Lord of Storms is a new action and arcade game for Android devices by Animoca. It is an action game based on the adventures of Thor the virtual super hero. You are going to fight with the forces of the Ragnarok in the game. It is based on the super hero Thor who is going to fight with the mythical creatures and demons controlled by his brother Loki. Check out the full features of the game below. Thor Lord of Storms Android Review Game Play – It is an action based Android game in which you will be able to select your hero to fight against the forces of the evil. It is having a side scrolling RPG based game play that allows you to deploy magic towers and arrow towers etc. to kill the enemy. You will need to control the character to fight against the monster on the right and prevent them to reach on the left side of the screen to the portal. You will be able to collect the loot like more weapons and coins after killing an enemy to make yourself stronger. You can use the looting to upgrade the game characters with special powers and skills. You can also build more defensive towers to save your land from the enemy. You can acquire different magical powers in the game to kill the enemies easily. Overall, Thor Lord of Storms provides an amazing action based game play to pass your free time. Graphics – Different characters and the other objects of the game are well designed with colorful graphics. All the visual effects for killing the enemies in the game are well presented and you are going to love them for sure. Overall the graphical and visual side of the game is really great. Audio – The game is having cool sound effects for different situations. Killing enemies and shooting weapons are having different sound effects. You can enjoy the game using earphones while killing the enemies. There are different types of sound effects in the game for different actions. Pros –

  • Cool Graphics
  • Action based Game play
  • Free to download
Cons –
  • In App purchases are over priced
Our Rating – 4.3/5 Verdict – Thor Lord of Storms for Android is blended with a cool game play and nice graphics. However, the in app purchases might kill your experience. They are over-priced and you will need to play a lot to collect more lootings to upgrade your character. Overall the game is good and well designed. You can try it on your Android as its free to download. Download Link Screen Shots –

THor Lord of Storms

Thor Lord of Storms Characters

Thor Lord of Storms Game Play

Thor Lord of Storms Graphics

Thor Lord of Storms Upgrades

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