Game Review – Temple Run 2

Rating: 4/5


  • Cool graphics
  • Great instructions along the way
  • Easy to play
  • Keeps you hooked


  • Abrupt turns that can be a little challenging to navigate
  • Not very different from the first one
  • Few graphical errors

Temple Run 2 review

Our hero is Mr Guy Dangerous who runs over bridges, slides down ropes, leaps over waterfalls and blazing fire, and slips underneath bridges while he is being chased by monsters. Why is he doing all this? To get hold of the precious idol. Along the way he collects precious coins that are added to his piggy bank and powers up for more energy to keep him going.

If you were swept off by Temple Run1’s graphics, Temple Run 2 will leave you gasping. With Guy dangerous sliding and sweeping and running from hovering monster collecting coins and powering up on the way, time just seems to pass away. Each level has its objectives like the former game which will challenge the player but are not too tough keeping you hooked on. Temple Run 2 has more backgrounds and terrains to cover while Guy is on the run which includes mines, forests, and hazardous cliff tops. In the mines, he gets to rattle down in mine carts. Just like while running, the mine cart also uses the tilting function to lean the cart sideways and swiping down action to dodge wooden beams.

The landscape has been given much thought and you can view the hovering clouds, distant mountains and the bridge periphery as you glide down ropes along with Guy. Instructions are given at appropriate moments to jump, slide or turn left or right though sometimes the turns are too close to the jumps making you edgy.

The coins collected can be used to buy power shield, distance boost, save me gems, and boost the power meter. If you have scored enough coins you can upgrade to one of the three new characters introduced in Temple Run 2 – Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. The unlocking of new characters of course lets you enjoy new powers that each possess. Each character comes with pre-assigned power up that you trigger by double tapping the screen.
The game keeps you on the edge and moving, but is not very different from the first one. Another disturbing factor would be the way it keeps trying to navigate you to the store to buy additional coins for upgrades.

Temple run 2 screenshots:

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temple-run-2 temple-run-2-1 temple-run-2-2 temple-run-2-3 temple-run-2-4 temple-run-2-5 temple-run-2-6

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