Game Review – Tanglers Casual Game for iOS

Tanglers is a new game for iOS devices in the category of matching games. This game is developed by the famous developer Chillingo Ltd. This is a casual game and you have to match different aliens on the screen and clear the whole board. You will have to connect two different aliens in the game and make sure that they stay away from the cows on the screen. This is a very simple casual game and if you are a fan of casual games then it will surely interest you. You will have to tap on the device screen to match two different creatures and they are called Tanglers. This is kind of a different game than the other matching ones because you don’t have to match aliens which are close to each other. You can just match two creatures from the whole board but there should be no space between them. The gracphics of this game are pretty good and enjoyable on iDevices. TanglersFeatures of Tanglers Casual game for iOS Devices –

  • – Graphics of this game are good with nice background details and character details.
  • – Game play is pretty easy and different than other matching games.
  • – Game center leader board is there to compare score with others.
  • – Supports all iOS devices.
  • – Controlling of Tanglers is easy.
  • – It’s price is low for a game like this.

Tanglers Graphics

Conclusion – Tanglers by Chillingo Ltd is a game for the fans of casual games on iTunes Store. The environment and the game play of Tanglers is pretty good. If you are looking for a cheap but cool casual game then you should totally check it out. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link – Tanglers
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