Game Review – Super Jumping Finn for iOS & Android

Super Jumping Finn is a new game by Cartoon Network for iOS & Android device users. This game is based on a cool and adventurous story line in which you will need to save Princess Bubblegum from an evil Ice King. The evil lord has kidnapped the princess and you will need to help Finn and Jake to find the princess and rescue her. There are two main characters in the game you will be helping out. You will need to launch Finn in the air by using its dog Jack. Dog will kick him to the air and then its all on you to go in the air for a long distance.

Super Jumping Finn Different types of power ups will be in the sky to collect so you can go further and further. You will also need to collect stars on your way to upgrade skills and powers of your character. Graphics of this game are in cartoon style and they look pretty good on all devices. Your kids will also love this game to pass their time. It is available for both iOS & Android devices and you can download it using the download links given in this post.

Super Jumping Finn Story Features of Super Jumping Finn for iOS & Android devices –

  • Graphics and visuals of the game are pretty good in cartoon style.
  • Save Princess Bubblegum from evil Ice King.
  • Launch Finn in the sky using Jack.
  • Collect stars to upgrade your power ups and skills.
  • Boost your powers to go far and far to save the princess.
  • Based on a funny storyline.

Super Jumping Finn Graphics Conclusion – Super Jumping Finn is a cool adventure game by Cartoon Network for iOS & Android. Its adventures and funny game play is pretty enjoyable to pass your time. Our Ratings – 4.3/5 Download Link –    iOS ||     Android

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