Game Review – Super Action Hero free game for iOS & Android

Super Action Hero is a cool game with cartoonish characters fighting around for iOS and Android devices. This game is developed by the famous gaming firm Com2uS. Graphics of this game are featuring a stick character fighting around in the different battles against the enemy forces. Background graphics are in cartoon way and look normal on iOS and Android. This game is having around 15 planets or we say areas to fight with the enemies and having around total 101 missions.

Super Action Hero For Android users there is a free version of this game having ads on the screen but for iOS there are free and Paid versions with no ads. Com2uS came with lots of quality games in the past and company did a good job in this game too, but its in app purchase section kind of pushes you to upgrade the characters using your money. Controlling is pretty easy with on screen controls, on the left there is d-pad to control the character and on right there are buttons to make punches and all. Features of Super Action Hero free game for iOS & Android devices –

  • Graphics of this game are in cartoon style and look normal.
  • There are 15 planets to explore in the game.
  • It is offering 101 levels of fighting against enemies.
  • In app purchases to buy new stuff in the game.
  • You can upgrade your character using different weapons and all.
  • It is developed for iOS and Android, for iOS there are two versions free and paid.
  • Controlling is easy with on screen buttons.

Super Acton Hero Graphics Conclusion – Super Action Hero is offering a lot of levels with fighting against the enemies. This game is free so you should at least give it a try because you might find it interesting to pass your time. Our Ratings – 3.9/5 Download Link –     iOS ||     Android

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