Game Review – Storm the Train free action game for iOS

Storm the Train is a new entry in action adventure games on iTunes Store by Chillingo Ltd. This game is a cool action game mixed with adventure and fighting genre. Chillingo Ltd launched a lot of games in the past few months and Storm the Train is surely a good entry from the firm. Graphics of Storm the Train are pretty good with detailed background and character details. It is a side scrolling action game, so you will need to fight hordes of enemies on your way to clear the missions.

Storm the Train Sounds used in the game are also pretty great with fast paced tunes that will allow you to enjoy it while shooting the enemies. There are different characters for you to choose from to play the game. There are different types of power ups are also there to buy using the coins to collect in the game. There are in app purchases for you to buy more powerful stuff. But if you will play this game for multiple times then you might need to use the in app purchases. Features of Storm the Train free action game for iOS devices –

  • Graphics of this game are really very good with cool background and character details.
  • There are lots of achievements for you to clear in the missions.
  • You will collect coins in the missions to buy more cool stuffs.
  • You have choice of selecting a character out of three.
  • Upgrade your characters to get more speed and health.
  • In App purchases to progress faster in the game.
  • Optimized for iPhone 5’s display screen.

Storm the Train graphics Conclusion – Storm the Train is surely a great game by Chillingo Ltd for the fans of action games. You are going to enjoy its fast paced sound and action adventure game play. It is free to download, so give it a try for sure. Our Ratings – 4.2/5 Download Link

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