Game Review – Sprinkle Islands for Android & iOS

Sprinkle Islands is the sequel to the highly popular game Sprinkle by Mediocre games. Some game series get better with the age and the Sprinkle Islands is surely one of them. With the sequel of the game Mediocre has done a great job by putting awesomeness of the original Sprinkle game as well as polished follow up with improved game play. Check out the full features of the game in this review below.

Sprinkle Islands Review Storyline – The game follows a simple storyline in which earth’s trash sent into the space lands on Saturn’s moon of Titan where a beautiful world of cute creatures is still breathing in its decent age. The homes of these cute little creatures are fired up by the burning space trash and you stops the fire to save these innocent creatures. Game Play – Your main goal in the game is to stop the fire to save the houses of the little blue creatures. You use a water truck to put out the flames before the things have any change to burn down. There are 5 different worlds in the game and each world is having 12 different levels. You have to strategically plan out the water distribution over the flames to get all the five drops reward in each level.

Controlling of the game is also very easy. You have to swipe up and down to move the fire truck’s water arm and tap to shoot water out of its nozzle. Water is in the limited supply in each level, so you have to solve the puzzles by planning perfectly. It is also having monster enemy levels which require special skills to clear. Overall the total game play in Sprinkle Islands is pretty cool and enjoyable just like its previous edition.

Graphics – The game comes in two graphics settings including high and medium. If you have a high-end device then you can choose the higher setting to get more realistic graphics and low-end devices will be having a slightly rough look but still the game feels the same to play. Overall, all the worlds and the levels in the game are designed beautifully.

Sound – It is having a simple and good to hear sound track that plays in the background when you are clearing any level. Sound effects used for the voices of the little creatures as well as for putting down the flames are pretty good. Pros –
  • Great Game Play
  • Lot of levels
  • Cool graphics
Cons –
  • Some levels are frustrating
  • Controls could be better
Verdict – Sprinkle Island surely lives up to its reputation of the previous version. Developers of the game have added more cool elements in the game along with lots of levels. If you have played the original Sprinkle then must give it a try. It is free to download and entry levels are free to play but then you have to buy the full version to get all the levels. So, check the trial version first and then go for the pro if you really love it. Download –    iOS     ||     Android
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