Game Review – Soccer Puzzle League for iOS

Soccer Puzzle League is a new puzzle game for iOS devices. This game is offering three different types of game play in one app. It is developed by Match3Studio for the fans of matching object games. Your main target in this game will be to take part in the tournaments around the world and earn gold to score higher. In the starting of the game you will need to choose your skills. If you love to shoot more than stopping them, then you should add SHT to your skills as well as TKL which stands for tackle and DP for damage points.

Soccer Puzzle League After choosing your skills you will be having three different divisions to choose for main gaming. All three divisions are having special skill testing games. You will need to match objects to win the games just like other matching games out there. You will be having 23 achievements to unlock as well as 150 equipment that you can buy and upgrade using the gold coins. If you are new to match 3 games, then you will find it hard to understand in the starting.

Soccer Puzzle League skills Features of Soccer Puzzle league for iOS devices –

  • Graphics of the game are simple.
  • Controlling is easy, match objects to win the games.
  • There are 150 items to buy and upgrade as well as 16 special skills to learn and upgrade.
  • Three divisions to choose from.
  • There are 6 difficulty levels to test your skills in the game.
  • In App purchase option to progress faster.

Soccer Puzzle League Game Play Conclusion – Soccer Puzzle League is a must have game for the fans of match 3 games. It offers a mix kind of strategy based matching game experience. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link

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