Game Review – Sniper Shooter for Android and iOS

There are a lot of aim-and-shoot games on the iTunes store as well as on the Play Store and one of the coolest games in this genre is the Sniper Shooter which takes the best advantage of the tilt based controlling in the smart devices. It is a free game with lots of levels and achievements to complete. One of the best things about this game is that it offers you extreme fun on the go with simple pick and play game play. Check out the full features of the game below.

Sniper Shooter Review Storyline – There is no special story in this game and all you have to do is just become a Master Hitman by taking a lot of killing orders. Game Play – Your main goal in the game is to kill certain targets in each level using different type of Sniper rifles. There are multiple targets as well as multiple scenarios. There are 12 different chapters in the game and more will be added pretty soon. In each level you are instructed to take out one or more targets. Controlling of the game is really easy because to aim, you just have to tilt your phone and to take the target out you just have to tap on the screen anywhere.

Each chapter in the game includes 5 different levels. Some levels require same weapon and some requires some special ones that you buy using the earned money in each level. You can also acquire a better sniper rifle using rear money too but it won’t be that necessary. Overall, the game play is simple in the starting levels but then it gets a bit hard which is more entertaining too.


Graphics – Developers of the game states that the game environment is set in a 3D world but all the graphics looks like in 2D to us. All the targets in the game that you have to shoot and kill are basically just different looking stick figures. All the environment details are well designed and look beautiful. All the animations used in the game are also good and enhances the game experience of the users.

Sound – One of the best things about Sniper shooter is that it is not having a lot of sound effects to annoy the users. When you start the game and go around the chapters to select levels, there is a smooth and soothing sound track which continuously plays till you start a level. All the gun shots and rifle reloading sounds are well designed and good to hear. Pros –
  • Free to play
  • Lot of levels and achievements to complete
  • Smooth control
Cons – Nothing such Verdict – Sniper Shooter is the perfect game for the lovers of aim-and-shoot games. There are around 60 levels as well as 60 special achievements to unlock in the game which are set in a beautiful environment. All the sound effects as well as the animations used in the game are pretty good. It is totally free to download and play on Android and iOS devices, so make sure to grab your copy right away. Download –    iOS     ||     Android
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