Game Review – Shadow Love for iOS

Shadow Love is a new game for iOS devices which is made of shadows of hands. Every small of big character in this game is the shadow of hands. This game is developed by Strawberry Gohan and it’s a pretty good game. In the game your goal will be to guide a rabbit to complete the levels. The controls of this game are pretty easy and there are three buttons on the screen including left, right arrow and the up arrow. So the game controls are smooth. Graphics of the game are pretty good and developers really have created amazing hand shadows in the game to impress the gamers. There are different types of the enemies you will have to face on your way to complete the level. The game offers you 25 beautifully crafted levels to enjoy with pretty good graphics and controls. Check out other features of the game below and decide if you should get it or not on your device. Shadow Love GameFeatures of Shadow Love for iOS Devices –

  • – Graphics are good and most of the characters and surroundings in the game are made of the hand shadows.
  • – There are 25 different levels you can enjoy in this game. So game scope is normal.
  • – It supports the retina display of different Apple Devices to provide you way better graphical adventure.
  • – There are more than 10 different hand shadow enemies are used in the game.
Shadow Love GraphicsConclusion – Well Shadow Love is beautifully crafted with hand shadows. This game doesn’t offer you so many levels but still you can have fun with its 25 levels. Our word on the game is that you should totally have it on your device. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link – Shadow Love iTunes Store.
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