Game Review – Robo5 for Android

If you love challenging platformer games then Robo5 can be a good choice for you. Robo5 is a new platform puzzler game for Android devices, which is set in a futuristic robotic world. In this game you will be helping a lonely robot to go through puzzle based levels filled with crates and boxes. Graphics of the game are pretty neat and all the platform game lovers will enjoy playing it. It is a free game but you have to pay for the extra levels using in-app purchases.

Robo5 Android Review

Storyline –

The game is set in a futuristic world where you have to help a lonely robot to find his destiny. Robo5 goes on the journey for self-exploration in the puzzle based adventure world.

Game Play –

The game offers 5 different worlds with 40 levels. There are 8 hidden levels are also added in this platform puzzler. In each level you have to guide the little robot to reach on the top of the mountain of crates and boxes. There is a nice tutorial in the starting of the game that tells you how to do many tasks in the game like moving crates, climbing them and many more.

All the levels are well crafted with nice crispy details. Starting levels are easy to play but later on you have to push your mind to clear the levels. Tap and drag based controls are little tricky in the game. All the puzzle based game lovers will surely love this platformer with nice visuals and graphical details. To unlock all the levels you will need to pay a small amount of money using the in-app purchases.

Graphics –

The game offers quality visuals with beautiful futuristic graphical details. The main screen, buttons, interface are well designed with good details. Graphical details of all the objects are pretty good with well animated visuals. Overall, the graphics of the game will provide you a great puzzle based gaming environment that you can enjoy for sure.

Audio –

Robo5 Android game is full of little sound details for everything. Sound track used in the background is good to hear while playing the game. Its clever sound effects add much more entertainment for the players.

Pros –

  • Great Graphics
  • Nice Sound Effects
  • Challenging Puzzle Game play
  • Nice Storyline

Cons –

  • Tricky Controlling
  • Sometimes repetitive game play

Our Rating – 4.4/5

Verdict – There are lots of puzzle games available on the Play Store but Robo5 stands out of the crowd. It is a platform game mixed with lots of puzzles in each level. Fans of platformer games should totally get it on their Android devices. It is blended with nice sound effects and graphics details to provide a great game environment.

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Screen Shots –

Robo5 Android

Robo 5 Puzzles

Robo5 Graphics

Robo5 Details

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