Game Review – Raiden Legacy action arcade game for Android & iOS

Raiden Legacy is a new action arcade game for iOS and Android based devices. This game is developed by DotEmu gaming firm. This game is based on the famous classic Raiden arcade series from 1990’s. It is offering four games from this series in single form of Raiden Legacy. Basically in this game you control an armed fighter plane to shoot the alien invaders trying to destroy earth. Graphics of the game kind of same as the original series but with improvements.

Raiden Legacy

There are 15 different types of fighter planes to choose from and all of them are having special powers and weapons. Three different modes of gaming available including training, mission mode and the famous arcade mode. There are two options to control the ship. You can either use the swipe based controls as well as the buttons on the screen to go from left, right, up and down. You can also adjust the difficulty levels according to your choice. It offers countless hours of arcade action game play.

Raiden Legacy Graphics

Features of Raiden Legacy arcade game for Android & iOS devices –
  • Graphics of the game are pretty good following its original series.
  • There are 15+ ships to choose from and each is having special weapons.
  • Stop the incoming alien ships by shooting at them.
  • Two control modes.
  • Covering all four original Raiden series games.
  • Training, Mission and Arcade mode to enjoy the game.
  • Online leader boards support with 15 achievements to unlock.
  • Customize firing auto to manual.

Raiden Legacy games

Conclusion – Fans of original Raiden series should totally get Raiden Legacy on their iOS or Android based device. Countless hours of arcade gaming is pretty cool in the game. Our Ratings – 5/5 Download Link –    iOS ||    Android
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