Game Review – Pocket Climber endless runner game for iOS

After the launching of Temple Run by Imangi Studios lots of other gaming firm developed games following the same concept. But Pocket Climber is kind of a different game but having endless runner concept. Actually in this game you climb different types of buildings to your limits. On your way to climbing towers and collecting points, you will need to face randomly generated obstacles. You will find some people throwing objects on you through their windows and you will need to avoid those using simple controls of this game.

Pocket Climber Pocket Climber is right now only available for iOS devices but we hope that company will soon launch an Android version too because it is a cool game. Graphics are beautifully designed and works good on iPhone’s retina displays. Music used in the game is pretty cool and having a little bit of rock theme. As you progress further in the game you will find different types of obstacles and music to explore. Different types of power ups are also there in the game to enjoy it like other endless runner games. Features of Pocket Climber endless runner game for iOS devices –

  • Graphics of pocket climber are really very good to enjoy on iOS devices.
  • Music used in the game is pretty good and having rock type theme.
  • Controlling is easy with on screen buttons.
  • You will face different types of obstacles on your way to climb different towers.
  • Different types of power ups are there to progress faster in the game.
  • Use collected coins to buy more power up in the shop.

Pocket Climber Graphics Conclusion – Pocket Climber is a must have game for the fans of endless runner games but with a little twist of environment and features. You will surely like its randomly generated obstacles, so give it a try by checking out the download link below. Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link

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