Game Review : PACMAN and Tournaments for Android

PACMAN is one of the most famous old school arcade game, and now it is available on Android devices too. Namco is offering PACMAN + Tournaments for free on Google Play Store. It is having the same old school arcade graphics and game play, enhanced with new control schemes for Android touch screen devices. Check out the full features of the game below. Storyline – Game is set in a classical maze style environment. You have to help the main character, PACMAN to escape from a maze surrounded by ghost enemies. Story is same like its old school arcade version where you just have to help the hero to eat all the dots on the screen and defeat enemies. Game Play – Players will be controlling our little yellow hero to eat all the dots on the maze. In the classical mode of this game you will be completing different levels while avoiding the enemies. Each level is cleared as soon as you eat all the yellow dots on the screen. There are many bonus items are also in the mazes that you can eat and get powers. After eating a power up, you can also eat the enemies on the screen. PACMAN for Android is having two different control schemes. You can either control the character using a virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen in Portrait mode or the swipe. Another control scheme uses the swipe based gestures. Swipe on the screen in the direction you want PAC to go. Joystick based control scheme is easy to use. There are three difficulty levels in the game including original too. Tournament mode allows gamers to compete with players all around the world.  You will get to compete in lots of new tournaments, new mazes with different type of colour schemes and new bonus items to eat. Graphics – Namco has launched this game with the same old school arcade graphics. They look pretty good on most of the Android devices. In tournament mode you will be having more mazes with different colour choices. Moving animations used for the characters of the game are smooth and funny. If you loved the graphics of its arcade version, then you will sure like the game on your Android device too. Audio – PACMAN + Tournaments is offering the original sounds of the arcade version. Audio of the game is pretty good, so enable the sounds while playing the game to enjoy it fully. Pros:

  • PACMAN is free to play
  • Tournament mode
  • Real life prizes
  • Swipe controlling has some issues
  • Advertisements
  • High price to remove Ads.
Rating: 4.5/5 Verdict: If you need a break from the modern genre games then must try out PACMAN + Tournaments. It is having the same old school gaming experience. Download Link Screen Shots –

Pacman tournaments game

Pacman controls

Pacman Graphics

Pacman mazes

Pacman new tournaments

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