Game Review – Mutant Storm for iPad

Mutant Storm is another dual stick shooter game for iPad devices. This game is developed by Crescent Moon Games and it’s a good game with shooting environment. Basically this game came first for Xbox Live and now its ported to iOS deivces. This game gives you a trippy environment to enjoy the game. You will find your ship in a room with the psychedelic walls and blurry backgrounds. Now there will be a storm and mutants will appear and you will have to kill them all. The controls of this game are pretty easy and its surely one of the best dual stick shooter games available on iTunes Store. When you will clear a room full of mutants you will go to another room so the game scope is pretty wide. There are different difficulty options are there to choose from. For beginners there is white belt setting and for most advanced players there is black belt. Lets check out its other details and let you decide you should have it or not on your device. Mutant Storm iOS GameFeatures of Mutant Storm for iOS Devices –

  1. – Graphics are not really that great but still fun to enjoy the game.
  2. – Controls are pretty awesome with dual stick shooting feature.
  3. – There are 89 different levels are there in 3D arenas to enjoy the game.
  4. – Game scope is pretty wide and gives you a lot of gaming time.
  5. – Game center is also there to compare score with others.
  6. – Adventure and tally two different modes are there.

Mutant Storm Graphics

Conclusion – Mutant Storm features a lot of new things for iDevices. Our word on this game is that – you should totally have it on your device. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link – Mutant Storm iTunes Store.
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