Game Review – Monopoly Hotels for Android

Monopoly Hotels is a free Android game for the lovers of Monopoly series by EA Games. There are a lot of hotel building games on the Play Store but Monopoly Hotels stands out of them with its cool features. You can buy, build and decorate hotels in the game. It allows you to run a successful hotels chain with perfect management. There are a lot of cool entertaining aspects of the game that you will find only after playing it. Monopoly Hotels Android Review Storyline – There is no special storyline in this game. All you do is just buy hotels and customize them according to yourself. Game Play – In this game first you will be offered a hotel on a less expensive location. The hotel will be empty when you will get it. Then you will need to fill it up with restaurants, rooms and other attraction points. You can easily build the stuff by tapping in the menus on the screen. You will also need money to build anything in the game. You can get this money by collecting it from your hotel rooms and from the visitors in the attraction points. You can also collect it by tapping on the bills falling from the sky. You can open more hotels by using the money you collect from the existing ones. If you want to progress fast then you can also buy the game currency using the in-app purchases. There are new challenges to compete every day. You can also upgrade some rooms of your hotel to attract more VIP visitors. Graphics – Graphics and visuals of this game are simple. All the characters in the game are designed in cartoon style graphics. There are little boxes in the hotels with funny characters. Overall the graphics and visuals of this game are good enough to enjoy a game like that. Audio – This game is having a simple soundtrack that plays in the background continuously. It is also having added sound effects for different tasks like creating rooms, earning money and tapping on stuff. Pros –

  • Lot of characters
  • Wide game play
  • Lot of stuff to build
Cons –
  • Large waiting times
  • Forced in-app purchases
Our Rating – 4.2/5 Verdict – If you love games like tower building and controlling cities then you can try out Monopoly Hotels on your Android device. It allows you to build and decorate many hotels to earn money. There are a lot of characters with wide game play. In-App purchase based game play might annoy some gamers. Download Link Screen Shots –

Monopoly Hotels Android

Monopoly Hotels Customize

Monopoly Hotels Game Play

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