Game Review – Mega Run, Redford’s Adventure for Android

Get Set Games has launched another side scrolling adventure game for Android devices called Mega Run, Redford’s Adventure. Mega Run offers a colorful adventure based gaming environment with cool characters. It is a sequel it company’s previous hit cross platform game Mega Jump. There are lots of levels with cool enemies to defeat and save Redford’s siblings in this game. Check out the full features of this side scrolling platformer below. Mega Run Redford’s Adventure Review Storyline – Redford is main cute monster character in this game. A mysterious monster has kidnapped Redford’s sister and brother and took them far away. Now it’s Redford to find his lost siblings in the wild-wild world. You will be guiding Redford to find his family in multiple worlds. Game Play – Game play of Mega Run is pretty interesting. In each level you have to follow a path with coins, enemy barriers, jumping pads and power ups. There are lots of coins will be there in each level to collect as well as lots of amazing cool power ups. Redford moves on his own, all you have to do is jump using the single tap or multiple taps for higher jumps. There are plenty of levels in 5 unique worlds of this game. You will be completing levels in volcano’s, beaches, magical landscapes and many more. There are more than 20 power ups to collect with special abilities in the game. There are lots of secret collectibles are also added in the game. In-App purchases with real money are also included in the game to unlock new worlds easily. So, overall Mega Run is a good side scrolling game, packed with awesome game play. Graphics – One of the best things about Mega Run is its graphics and animations used for characters. The monsters and the background details are designed in cartoon style graphics. Enemy characters are also having funny details and that’s why they don’t look so dangerous at all. Visuals of the game really impressed us while reviewing it. You will totally like its eye catching graphical details. Audio – Mega Run is blended with lots of colors, amazing game play and wonderful sounds. Audio details used in the game for different collectibles are pretty good to hear while playing the game. It has different sound effects for coins (bing), jump pads (boing) and power ups(bloops). These sound effects will really impress you. Pros –

  • Great platformer
  • Amazing graphics
  • Cool sound effects
  • Lots of power ups
  • Free to play
Our Rating – 4.6/5 Verdict – If you love side scrolling based platform games then Mega Run Redford’s Adventure is just for you. It is a free game with lots of cool levels and amazingly designed graphics. It’s a great pick and play game without much of controlling mess. There are lots of levels in the game to keep you entertained for hours. Recommended Game. Download Link Screen Shots –

Mega Run

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