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If you love platform jumping and running games then we have a special entry in this genre for you. Manuganu is a great platform runner game by Alper Sarikaya for Android. You have to control an adventurous boy in the game to dodge different type of obstacles by jumping, gliding, sliding and more. It is a great game with colorful cartoon style graphics and quality visuals. It is blended with cool adventure based levels, sound effects and animations. Manuganu Android Review Storyline – There is not much of the storyline in this game. You just follow the adventure road in its beautifully crafted worlds with the main character Manuganu, a cute little boy hungry for adventure. Game Play – Manuganu is having all the important elements that you might seek in a platform runner game. There are three different worlds in the game with total 30 levels of platform running fun. In each level you control Manuganu using the on screen controls to avoid enemies. There are spikes, fire balls, traps, swinging hammers and a lot more to dodge in its levels. You learn new abilities as you progress further in the game. There are two control buttons on the screen for almost every action you need in the game. Manuganu performs few tricks like jumping, halt, gliding and sliding using the simple controls. You also collect lots of coins in each level to get more stars. Each level has its own objectives, either its collecting all three medallions or certain time limit to finish a level. Its game play will surely remind you of the hit platform runner Rayman Jungle Run. Graphics – Visuals and graphics used in this game are superb. There are colorful details in the background as well as in each level. Enemies are new and well designed. Animations of the enemies and Manuganu are really good. Every time you cross an enemy it looks towards you, and it is pretty scary. Its 3D graphics look even more beautiful with its well-illustrated ice mountains, grass platforms, particle effects and more. Audio – Background music is fast paced in each level of the game. All the elements like coins, medallions, jumping, enemies, traps etc. have different sound effects. Background track is the only thing that you might not like because its repetitive after a while. Pros –

  • 3D graphics
  • Addictive Game
  • Tricky levels
  • Alternate paths in each level
Cons –
  • Repetitive sound track
  • Less levels
Our Rating – 4.7/5 Verdict – Manuganu is totally free to download for Android users. If you love platform running games then you should totally download it on your Android device. It is blended with superb graphics, game play and cool tricky levels. One of the best things in the game is the alternative path ways in each level for you to explore. Recommended Platform Runner. Download Link Screen Shots –

Manuganu Android

Manuganu Graphics

Manuganu details

Manuganu Game play

Manuganu enemies

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