Game Review – Major Mayhem free for Android & iOS

Arcade & Action games are highly popular among the gamers who love a lot of shooting and fast paced game play. One of the coolest action games for the iOS & Android platforms is Major Mayhem which comes with a lot of levels in different scenarios to keep the gamers busy all the times. The game delivers all the goods like simple yet action packed game play and loads of content wrapped in a freemium model. Major Mayhem Android & iOS Review

Major Mayhem Android

Storyline – The game begins when the Major Mayhem receives his orders from the United States President to fight evil forces in the war and also to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. All of the storyline is set in a beautiful 3D world. Game Play – The game is actually an action packed shooting game. Your main goal is to finish all the 45 levels in the game set in 3 different environments including Metropolis, Tropics and Desert. There are 4 different types of game modes to finish missions in the game. Classic mode goes with the storyline and combines all the 45 missions. Time Bomb mode allows you to complete missions in a specific time limit and the Arcade mode goes with Random missions. Major mayhem goals The last mode is the survival mode which allows you to fight with endless hordes of enemies in different levels. It is a fast paced side scrolling but cover paced shooting game. Challenges and the multipliers in the game actually enhance the fun of the players. There are a lot of weapons upgrades are also available in the game which you can buy using collected coins as well as using real money. Graphics – Visuals and the graphics of the game are pretty simple in the cartoony style but still enhances the game experience of the gamers. Basically it is a fusion of 3D and 2D style graphics based on different situations. All the three different environments in the game are designed using bright and vibrant colors. Major Mayhem graphics Sound – To complement the whole game play of Major Mayhem, developer has featured a fast-paced good sound track. All the sound effects used in the game for different type of weapons are also pretty cool to hear. Pros –
  • Cool Graphics
  • Action packed game play
  • Simple controls
Cons –
  • Hard to earn coins
Major Mayhem controls Verdict – If you love action packed arcade style shooting games, then you should totally try Major Mayhem on your iOS or Android smartphone. The game is loads of fun with a lot of levels and fast paced game play enhanced via cartoon style graphics and cool sound effects. It is totally free to download and play on both of the stores and comes with optional in app purchases to buy weapons. Download –    iOS     ||     Android
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