Game Review – Life Quest for iOS

Life Quest is a new gamer for iOS devices. This game is developed by Big Fish Games and it allows you to opt the character of any person you want after you get your degree of graduation from any high school. This game is pretty funny and it first came on computer but now its also available for iOS devices. When you will first start this game on your device than it will show you some tutorials related it to follow up the game. Then you can go to the store and personalize the character you want to be. You can add name, special features and other things of your character. You will also get to know how you can get a new job how you can find food and find a home. You can also accept the challenges from your fellow classmates too in the game. This might be not a fast paced action game but still it’s a lots of fun for casual game lovers. Lets check out its other features below and find if it’s a good game to have on your device or not.

Life QUest Game Features of Life Quest Casual Game for iOS devices –

  • – Graphics of this game are pretty simple.
  • – It first came for computers and now its available for iOS too.
  • – Choose your player and customize it.
  • – Different types of characters are there in the game to choose from.
  • – Controlling of this game is pretty simple and you can tap on any item to do stuff.
  • – It is similar to games like Sims and Hospital Frenzy.
  • – Good game for Casual Game lovers.

Life Quest Features Conclusion – Life Quest is a casual game for iOS devices. If you are a fan of games like The Sims and all then you can totally get it on your device for sure. Our Ratings – 3.9/5 Download Link – Life Quest

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