Game review: Jetpack Joyride for Android

There are so many app-based games available at the Google Play Store to excite the pulses of any gaming freak. Launched at the end of the year 2011, Jetpack Joyride is one such game. Yes! we know, we are a little late in talking about our experience with the game but still, it is never too late to talk about something which remains as an all time favorite in a list. Basically, Jetpack Joyride is a runner game that continues as long as you succeed to stay alive. We took our sight at the game’s storyline and have attempted here to compile out experience within this review. Storyline The main character of the Jetpack Joyride is Barry Steakfries. The character breaks the wall of a secret laboratory to take possession of the experimental jetpacks from the scientists occupied with some evil deed over there. Beware, moving once in a wrong direction will result in the failure of your mission. Gameplay The game is based in a secret science laboratory with a high-flying action hero. After breaking the wall, just touch the screen to fly in the air, firing the jetpack and continue touching the screen to ascend up. In order to descend your height and come downwards towards the ground, you just need to release the screen touch. The controls are really very easy and take merely a moment to get used to them. Coins scattered throughout the laboratory can be gathered to buy essential upgrades. At various points, there are special vehicle power-ups that will give you a new way of movement with each of their particular feature. The game is set with only one level, which sounds weird but, as it continues to add new goals, the interest too keeps on adding with the player. Graphics Jetpack Joyride is based on 2D Graphics. It has got classic arcade styling with polished artwork. The continuously changing background is amusing but delirious. The brilliantly animated side scrolling graphics move smoothly from an underground laboratory to the general workplace of the scientists. Audio The game continues with suitable background audio that alert the player of arriving tokens. Also, a sound pings you when you gather coins. The loudest audio that is heard in the game is when the character enters the laboratory breaking the wall. If there is a blaring music, you may not hear these delicate cues. You may enjoy the game muting the sounds too, as it hardly matters. Pros

  • Interesting
  • Smooth running even on average processors
  • Addictive storyline
  • Graphics
Rating: 4/5 Verdict The variety of obstacles, stash, speed-up and vehicles stuffed in the Jetpack Joyride make it an interesting addictive yet challenging game. It is easy to learn but as the difficulties increase, you find it to be becoming more interesting with time. This is what, keeps to you back to the game again and again. We surely recommend you to try the game once. We bet, you will get addicted too. Screenshots: jetpack-joyride (1) jetpack-joyride (2) jetpack-joyride (3) jetpack-joyride (4) jetpack-joyride (5) jetpack-joyride (6)
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