Game Review – Into the Dead for Android

Endless runner is one of the best gaming genres on Android devices. These types of games are the best pick and play games to enjoy in short bursts of time. Into the Dead is a different kind of endless runner game with wild horror theme and lots of zombies to shoot around. The game is free to download and it is supported with in-app purchases to buy cool weapons and perks. Into the Dead Android Review Storyline – There is no special storyline in the game. The world is over-run by the dead zombies and you are the only survivor. Your helicopter has crashed and zombies are trying to eat you, so run as long as you can to save yourself. Features – Into the Dead is based on horror theme and you have to kill zombies to save yourself. There are three different modes in the game including Classic, Massacre and Hardcore. To unlock Massacre and hardcore modes, you will need to complete certain missions in the Classic mode. In each run you will need to clear some missions like shooting two zombies, picking up guns, run atleast 100mtrs and many more. There will be pickups in each run that you can use to shoot zombies. You can also unlock more weapons in the game menu. You can unlock the guns using the prize money you get in each run. You can also use the in-app purchases to unlock cool stuff using real money. It is hard to earn the money in the game, so you will need to keep patience to unlock cool stuff. Graphics – The game is based on zombies and survival, so the graphics are pretty scary. Zombies look really scary when you play the game. You can also unlock cool zombie packs in the game with much horror looks and feel. Audio – Into the Dead is having fast paced action based music track, it gives you intense feeling while playing the game using earphones. All other sound effects are also pretty good. Pros –

  • New theme
  • Free game
  • Cool sound effects
  • Nice controls
Cons –
  • Costly in-app purchases
Our Rating – 4.3/5 Verdict – If you love endless runner games then you can consider adding ‘Into the Dead’ to your games list on your Android device. Game is having intense graphical details and sound effects with highly optimized control schemes. It is free to download but in-app purchases are really costly. Download Link Screen Shots –

Into the Dead

Into the Dead Graphics

Into the Dead game play

Into the Dead weapons

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