Game Review – Heroes of Destiny for Android

Heroes of Destiny is a new role playing game by Glu Mobile for Android devices. It follows the same RPG path of killing enemies, leveling up, upgrading stuff and collecting loot. However, it is having a lot of heroes and immersive graphical details to enhance the game play. The game is set in a mysterious world with beautiful 3D graphics and well created environments. Check the full features of the game below. Heroes of Destiny Android Review Storyline – The game is set in a mysterious Kingdom of Lerona corrupted by an evil dark monster. Now you are the chosen one to free your homeland from that evil monster by killing hordes of enemies in different areas. Game Play – The game is all about fighting hordes of enemies and collecting loots to level up and upgrade your gears. It is having a real time strategy based fantasy game play with RPG elements. You can play with heroes of different classes in the game and they are having unique skills. Levels of the game are set in different types of environments like dungeons, city, outdoor and all. There are hundreds of gears for the heroes to customize in the game. Each mission is divided into small areas where you explore and kill the enemies. After killing all the enemies in certain area the level is finished and you also collect the loot. The missions of the game are re-playable and there are different kinds of monster enemies too. Overall it is blended with nice RPG game style in a fantasy world with intuitive controls. Graphics – Graphics of the game are really amazing. All the environment and character details are superb. It is blended with lots of cool animations and graphical effects. Enemies and the background details of the game are well designed. Overall graphics of the game are pretty good. Audio – The game is featuring cool sound effects for different actions. The sound effects are perfectly aligned with the actions you make in the game. There are different sound tracks in the game with intense feeling while fighting the enemies. Pros –

  • Lots of unlockable content
  • Hours of game play
  • Good Controls and Graphics
Cons –
  • Level charging waiting time
  • In App purchase model game
Verdict – Heroes of Destiny is a good game with all the elements of role playing games. It has combined the RPS experience with more heroes to control in single time on the screen. There are lots of missions to complete in the game with amazing unlockable content. It is a freemium game model with in app purchases but you can still enjoy without spending any money. Download Link Screen Shots –

Heroes of Destiny Android

Heroes of Destiny Characters

Heroes of Destiny Bosses

Heroes of Destiny Game play

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