Game Review – Galaxy Cat puzzle game for iOS

Galaxy Cat is a new puzzle game for iOS devices featuring a cute cat trying to save the universe. This game is developed by Monster Robot Studios for iDevices. This game is offering cute graphics with detailed designs. Your main goal in this game is to draw a path on each level to collect little blue guys to score higher. Starting levels are pretty easy to make you understand the game, but as you progress further it will tickle your brain.

Galaxy Cat iOS game You will start from one end by giving direction to the cat to go into the black hole by collecting the blue guys. Controlling of this game is really easy and you will love the tap and drag based controls. If you will be able to collect all the blue guys then you will score higher. There are different types of obstacles on each level to avoid, so make sure your cat doesn’t hit these obstacles otherwise you will lose in the game. Features of Galaxy Cat puzzle game for iOS devices –

  • Graphics of Galaxy Cat are in cartoony way and you will love them.
  • There are 48 unique levels in the game and more are coming soon.
  • Sounds used in the background are pretty good and enjoyable.
  • Controlling is tap and drag based, so the game is easy to control.
  • Different types of obstacles on the levels to avoid.
  • Starting levels are easy but the game gets little hard when you go further.

Galaxy Cat graphics Conclusion – Galaxy Cat is a cute puzzle game but it will tickle your brain for sure. There are lots of levels with cool cartoony graphics for you to enjoy. If you love puzzle games then you should totally check it out. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link

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