Game Review – Fluid Football free game for iOS & Android

Fluid Football is a sports game for Android and iOS devices. It is developed by Gray Cooper Media Ltd for soccer fans. If you are a fan of sports games then you are going to love the strategic game play of Fluid Football. You will need to pass around the ball to your team players before you shoot it for the goal. Graphics of this game are pretty good to enjoy the game on your device. Fluid football is a free to play but you can actually enjoy 24 levels of gaming, after that you will need to buy in app purchases to play further. But still you will have a lot of enjoyment in the all 24 levels you get without any interruption of popped up ads and all. Controlling is a bit hard for the new players. You will need to practice a lot to get used to the game. Sounds used in the game are perfect. Company says they developed Fluid Football with the help of award winning soccer commenters.

Fluid Football Features of Fluid Football free game for iOS and Android devices –

  • Graphics of this game are normal.
  • Controlling of the game is tricky, take your time to go pro with controls.
  • It is free to download and play but you have limitations of only 24 levels.
  • In app purchases to get the new levels and trophies.
  • Game is pretty addictive with its quality game play.
  • Make better strategies to clear the goals.
  • Commentary in the game is done by expert commentators.

Fluid Football controls Conclusion – Fluid Football is a must have game for the fans of sports games. You will find it pretty addictive because of its concentrated game play. Game is free to download, so you must give it a try. Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link – iOS ||       Android

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