Game Review – Dungeon Hunter 4 for Android

Dungeon Hunter 4 is the new game in the famous role playing game series by Gameloft. It is a great hack and slash game series by the company and the Dungeon Hunter 4 is the new addition with lots of cool new extra stuff. It is set in a mythical medieval world where you have to destroy several types of demons to save your kingdom. Check the full features of the game below. Dungeon Hunter 4 Android Review Storyline – The game is set in a mythical world with lots of demons in the entirely fictional regions. You will need to save the people of your kingdom from these evil demons with granted special powers. Game Play – Dungeon Hunter 4 starts with option of selecting a hero class. You can choose 4 different types of warriors in the game. You can also run with multiple characters at single time. It is a role playing game where you start off with minimum level of gears and powers. The starting levels of the game are pretty easy and you learn to control the game. It is having joystick based controls with single camera movement on the screen. There are a lot of quests in the game for you to complete. In each quest you will earn coins and gems for defeating demons. You can use them to upgrade your character. There is multiplayer mode is also in the game which allows you to play with your friends in the Co-Op arenas. You can also fight with warriors from the world in death match modes. There are in-app purchases in the game to take your character to the next levels easily. Graphics – Dungeon Hunter 4 is having brilliant looking graphics on the mobile screens with high end specs. Graphics are well designed as well as the characters in the game. With cut scenes and animations you will feel like you are progressing with the game. Audio – It is having interesting sound effects in the fighting scenes. It gives you much better feeling while playing the game. Overall sound effects and the audio used in the game improve its game play for sure. Pros –

  • Great RPG adventure
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Graphics and sounds
  • Free to play
Cons –
  • Highly pushed in-app purchases
  • Optimal performance is on high end devices
Our Rating – 4.5/5 Verdict – If you have played previous games in the series then you should totally go for Dungeon Hunter 4. It is having a great role playing game environment with tons of equipment’s to upgrade. There are different classes of warriors to choose from in the multiplayer and single player mode of the game. However, in-app purchases are a bit costly. Download Link Screen Shots –

Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4 story

Dungeon Hunter 4 Game play

Dungeon Hunter 4 multiplayer

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