Game Review – Drive and Jump : 8 Bit Car Racing Action Game for iOS Devices

If you are crazy enough to go back in time and play the 8 bit games then, there is a game for you called Drive and Jump. It is a car racing game in 8 Bit mode that pretty impressed us and we got a review for you about this game. This is developed by Stephen Ceresia and it’s a game with old graphics schemes in 8 bit mode but it is lot of fun because of new style controlling features using the Tilt action. This game is really cool for all age groups and the sound track used in the game are also funny. Sound effects will really get you back in time when you use to play the 8bit car racing games. You don’t have to use both of your hands to play the game only one hand is enough to control the game. Lets check out its features and then you can decide you should have it or not on your device. Drive and Jump FeaturesFeatures of Drive and Jump game for iOS Devices –

  • – Graphics are in 8 bit mode that will remind you of old times.
  • – Controlling is really easy with only one hand using the Tilt Controlling mode.
  • – Background music of this game is really cool.
  • – You can jump by touching the screen otherwise just race through the end.
  • – Funny thing is that you will find different animals on your way through clearing the levels.
Drive and Jump GraphicsConclusion – Drive and Jump really offers a classic car racing game experience. The sounds and the features are pretty cool. From our side this is a must have game on your iDevice. Our Ratings – 5/5 Download Link – Drive and Jump iTunes Store.
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