Game Review – Dead Trigger Action Game for iOS & Android

Dead Trigger is another zombie based action packed game on iTunes Store and Google Play Store for iOS & Android devices. This game is developed by the creators of Shadow Gun game, MADFINGER Games. This developer really provided a great game with better graphical details with their Shadow Gun for iOS devices. If you are a fan of the Shadow Gun and other types of the action games then you are surely going to like this game too. Dead Trigger is another first person shooter game by this developer and its kind of similar to the game Call of Duty – Zombie Strikes. In this game you will find Zombies coming out of all corners of the different places in the game and will come towards you to kill you. You will have to shoot them up using different types of guns and all. If you will get a little closer to them then you will lose your health a little and if you get more closer then you will be dead. So the game environment is pretty cool with zombies to kill and all.

Dead Trigger Features of Dead Trigger Action Game for iOS & Android –

  • – MADFINGER Games is pretty famous because of their amazing graphics in the game. Dead Trigger is having cool graphical details.
  • – There are high quality sound effects with cool musical tones in the game.
  • – Controls of the game are really easy and enjoyable.
  • – Story mode is having random missions to enjoy.
  • – Different types of updates are also there in the game.

Dead Trigger Game Conclusion – Dead Trigger is another zombie based game but its surely pretty different than others because of its cheap rate and cool effects. So if you are a fan of action packed zombie killing fun then you can think about having it on your Devices. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link – Dead Trigger – Android ||   iOS

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