Game Review – Chasing Yello free endless runner for iOS & Android

Chasing Yello is a new endless runner game for iOS and Android devices by DreamFab. It is the second game by the company in its Yello fish based games. The previous game by the company was Saving Yello in which you needed to guide Yello to its bowl using sling shot controls. Chasing Yello is a having an endless game play where you have to save this fish from a 7 years old naughty girl Mathilda. It is a different kind of endless runner game where you have to swim further and further while collecting gold coins and power ups on your way to save this fish.

Chasing Yello

Graphics of the game are in cartoon style with cool background details. Controlling is easy and its same like other endless genre games. Jumping and diving is controlled by swiping up and down. Tilt your device to go from left to right to collect coins and save Yello from monsters in the river. There are lots of power ups for you to unlock in this game like magnet, rocket and super star etc.

Chasing yellow power ups

Features of Chasing Yello free endless runner game for iOS and Android –
  • Graphics of this game are pretty good with its cartoon style visuals.
  • Controlling is easy with tilt and touch based controls.
  • Sounds used in the background are good enough to enjoy the game.
  • Lots of power ups are there to collect and upgrade using gold coins.
  • Score higher and higher and show it off to others.
  • In app purchases to buy more gold coins.

Chasing Yello Controls

Conclusion – Chasing Yello is a must have game for the fans of endless running genre. It is free for iOS and Android, so you should totally give it a try. Our Ratings – 4.3/5 Download Link –    iOS ||     Android
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