Game Review – Cave Quest puzzle game for iOS

Cave Quest is a puzzle game for iOS devices. This game is developed by Big Fish Games Inc. In cave quest you basically have to clear the levels using your puzzle solving skills. This game is match three objects type puzzle game. There are many different objects are also there in this game to un lock and hidden objects must be found to continue in the game. All of the puzzles used in this game are kind of traditional match grid and you will find them pretty interesting. So this game is not really that simple and you will need to use your mind in different ways to clear the levels of the game. So the game will basically follow some story line and then you will have to clear the puzzle based levels to get to the main object of the game. Graphics of this android game are pretty good and looks good on the retina display of iOS devices. Lets check out the other features of the game below. Cave Quest GameFeatures of Cave Quest game for iOS Devices –

  • – Graphics of this android game are pretty good to enjoy on iOS devices.
  • – There are different types of the puzzles are there to solve for you in the game.
  • – Controls of the game are easy to control.
  • – You can also play the time out mode of the game to get more gold.
  • – It’s a complex adventure game on the theme of matching three objects type games.

Cave Quest Game Graphics

Conclusion – Cave Quest is a puzzle game for iOS devices and if you are a fan of puzzle games then you will find it pretty good. Our word on this game for you is – Just Get it!! Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link – Cave Quest.
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