Game Review – Bunny Escape free puzzle game for iOS

Bunny Escape is a new game for the fans of puzzle games using iDevices by T-Rab Studio. If you love to play casual iOS games then you can also check it out. Game play of Bunny Escape is simple and funny. You will need to help a rabbit to collect all the carrots on each level and helping it to reach to the exit portal. Controlling of this game is easy by swiping your finger over the screen to control the rabbit. There are five different types of rabbits in this game to play with. First rabbit will need your help to rescue the other fours.

Bunny Escape Graphics

So you will need to solve the puzzles in this physics based game to unlock the other ones. All the rabbits in this game are having special abilities and some levels will surely need a special rabbit to clear it. So you will need to unlock the special skills having rabbits to clear some levels. There are 50 different levels in this game to enjoy with different obstacles to complete. There are two versions of this game free and HD. So first you should totally try the lite version. Features of Bunny Escape free puzzle game for iOS devices –
  • Graphics of this game are simple with normal visuals.
  • It is a physics based puzzle game for iOS.
  • There are 50 different levels in the game to enjoy.
  • 5 different bunnies to unlock in the game.
  • All the bunnies are having special powers like Explosive, Invisible and Flying etc.
  • 24 special achievements to unlock in the game.
  • Sounds used in the game are good enough to enjoy while playing it.

Bunny Escape Game Play

Conclusion – Bunny Escape is a cool game for the fans of casual and physics based games. You should totally try out the free version of this game available on iTunes Store. Our Ratings – 3.9/5 Free Download Link
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