Game Review – Boulder Dash XL for Android

Boulder Dash XL for Android is the present version of the famous retro game Boulder Dash. It is bringing back the old gem of retro gaming from the past with polished graphics and game effects. If you want to relive your old classical gaming experience then Boulder Dash XL is a great option for you. There are five different modes of gaming in Boulder Dash XL. The Retro Mode allows you to enjoy the game in old classical version. Storyline – It is not having any special storyline. It is just the remake of the classic retro Boulder Dash game in present style 3D graphics. Game Play – Boulder Dash XL comes with five different gaming modes. Three modes of the game Score Attack, Puzzle and Arcade are having intense game play, while Retro mode allows you to enjoy the game in the classic style. Basically the game play is fast paced and there are lots of different elements added in the game like power ups and all. Each mode in the game is having different game play with lots of levels and tasks to compete. It is also having cool control schemes for left and right handy players. There are four different options to choose as your controlling mode. On the left side there is joystick to move the player to collect coins in each level. Overall, the Boulder Dash XL is having great game play with lots of hours of fun. Graphics – Original Boulder Dash was developed in the retro style graphics, but this one is having the latest 3D graphics. All the environmental and character details in the game are re-designed with use of good color and 3D modeling. Retro mode is having the same graphics from the 80’s with lots of levels. Overall, it is having great 3D colorful graphics. Audio – One of the best things about this game is the sound effects. There are different types of cool sounds when you do different tasks. It is a well designed game with cool sound effects for blasting, collecting coins and power ups etc. Game experience is really enhanced with the sound effects of the game. Pros –

  • Original Game mechanics
  • Graphics and sound effects
  • Retro mode for classic gamers
Cons –
  • No tutorials on controlling
Our Rating – 4.5 Verdict – If you are a retro gamer and looking for some old classic fun then try out Boulder Dash XL on your Android. It is a great game with original game play of the classic retro game with cool sound effects. It is blended with cool puzzling levels and hours of amusing game play. Recommended Android game for retro gamers. Download Link Screen Shots –

Boulder Dash XL

Boulder Dash Game modes

Boulder Dash Levels

Boulder Dash Retro

Boulder Dash Controls

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