Game Review – Bombergeddon Action Adventure Game for Android

Bombergeddon is a new action adventure game for Android devices. This game is developed by HeroCraft Ltd who developed one of the best action adventure games like Dragon and Dracula. This game is basically a polished version of bomberman game from 80’s time. This game is basically inspired by Indian Jones movie because its logo and character quite match to the storyline of Indiana Jones. There are lots of exciting levels are there to explore in this adventure game. If you are a fan of bomberman type games then you will surely enjoy it. Graphics of this game are in perfect retro style and they surely look good on Android devices. Animations used in the game look funny and pretty much fit in the environment of this game. There are four game worlds with total 80 levels in this colourful game. There are lots of achievement’s and trophies to unlock in the game, so the game play is really wide. Sounds used in the game are cool to hear while playing the game. If you want to enjoy free style gaming then you can do it in the survival mode of this Android game.


Features of Bombergeddon action adventure game for Android devices –
  • – Graphics of Bombergeddon android game are in retro style with full detailing.
  • – There are four worlds to explore in this game.
  • – Game play is pretty huge with overall 80 levels.
  • – For free style fun there is a survival mode in the game.
  • – Controlling is easy and handy while playing the game.
  • – Sounds used in the game are perfect for different locations.

Bombergeddon Graphics

Conclusion – Well if you like bomberman game then you will surely like Bombergeddon with its funny and addictive game play. You will love the environment of this colourful android game. Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link
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