Game Review – Bloody Monsters for Android

Bloody Monsters is one of the coolest Android games available on the Play Store for free. RV AppStudios is the developer behind this highly popular arcade and action based mobile game. It is having hours of entertainment with its funny shooting based game play. It has been downloaded more than 300k times and comes with loads of levels filled with physics based shooting game play. Check out the full features of the game in this review below. Bloody Monsters Review

Storyline – There is no storyline in this shooting game for Android. All you have to do is just kill zombies and different types of monsters on different levels set in multiple worlds. Game Play – Your main goal in the Bloody Monsters is to kill all the monsters in each level using different type of weapons. Starting levels of the game offer basic weapons like pistols but as you go further, you can buy special weapons with special abilities as they become available. There are more than 200 levels in the game set in six different worlds and more are coming soon.

There are different type of monsters to kill in each level by shooting at different type of objects which are physics enabled. You can kill multiple monsters using a single bullet till it stops bouncing around the level environment. To get all three stars and earn money, you have to use minimum bullets to take out all the monsters. Overall, it is having plenty of levels to keep you busy for hours.

Graphics – The graphics of the game are pretty decent. All the levels are well designed in 2D style cartoon graphics style. Monsters are not exactly beautifully designed but still fill the purpose of providing a cool game play. Developer has focused more on providing challenging levels instead of focusing on high-end graphics.

Sound – Sound effects are one of the coolest things in the Bloody Monsters. All the objects in each level make different type of sound and the sounds made by bullet shots and killing monsters are also good to listen while playing the game. Pros –
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Easy controls
  • Good replay value
Cons –
  • Weapons are costly
  • Graphics could get a bit better
Verdict – Bloody Monsters is a must have game if you love pick and play games in the arcade & action genre. There are hundreds of levels in the game to keep you busy for hours. Controls, graphics and sound effects of the game are pretty decent. The best thing is that it is absolutely free to download and play, so go to the download link below and get it for sure. Download Link
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