Game Review – Battleground Defense 2 : The City for iOS

Battleground Defense 2 The City is a new game for iOS devices in the tower defense game section. It is developed by Evelyn labs. In this tower defense game you will need to defend your place from the army of the invaders. You will have to build a perfect line of defense towers like flame throwers, guns, turrets and all to save your land from attackers. There are surface to air missiles are also featured in the game. Its location is based on a city. There will be lots of waves of enemies approaching you in the game. In the starting of the game you will get $800 to build towers. Starting weapons will cost you from $100 – $400. Whenever you will shoot any enemy using these guns, you will get more money to buy and upgrade weapons. Main thing in this tower defense game is to plan everything perfectly. You will have to make a perfect strategy to win over the enemy invaders. There are three different types of wave difficulties in this game. You can choose from 30, 50 or 80 waves in the different types of challenges.

Battleground Defense 2

Features of Battleground Defense 2 The City for iOS devices –
  • – Graphics of this game are pretty good for retina devices.
  • – Intense tower defense game play.
  • – 9 different locations to enjoy the game in The City edition.
  • – There are 18 weapons are there to explore in the game.
  • – Three wave difficulty types are there in the game.
  • – Controls of the game are really simple.
  • – Upgrade weapons carefully and save money to get bigger guns.

Battleground Defense 2 Graphics

Conclusion – If you love tower defense games then it can be a nice edition to your games. Battleground Defense 2 The City is for $2.99 on iTunes Store and we think it’s a little costly. Our Ratings – 3.9/5 Download Link
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