Game Review – Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS, Android & Windows

Angry Birds Star Wars is available to download in the Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store now. We are reviewing this game just a few hours after the launching. It is the next game in the famous Angry Birds series by Rovio gaming firm. Playing mechanism of this game is similar to the old games in the Angry Birds series. But the environment, graphics and sounds are different. It is having characteristics of the heroes of Star Wars movie. In this game you are going to encounter with special birds having powers like Lasers, lightsabers and all.

Angry Birds Star Wars Graphics are really very good same like other games from this series. Its storyline is set in a far, far away galaxy with cool levels to enjoy. There are total 80 levels of game play at the present in the game but company is going to update new levels from time to time. Unleash new birds and the bonus levels by getting all three stars in each level. So overall Angry Birds Star Wars is a must have game for your Windows, iOS or Android based device.

Angry Birds Star Wars Graphics Features of Angry Birds Star Wars iOS, Android & Windows game –

  • Graphics are very good with cool character details.
  • There are 80 levels in the game as well as bonus levels.
  • Get the bonus levels by getting three stars in game levels.
  • You can level up the birds.
  • There are special 40 levels of Jedi training that you can unlock using in-app purchases.
  • Mighty falcon is introduced if you are stuck in a level.

Angry Birds Star Wars Game play Conclusion – Angry Birds Star Wars is surely a must have game for the fans of Angry Birds game series. If you want a little extra fun then go for the HD version of this game by paying for it, otherwise just enjoy the free version. Our Ratings – 5/5 Download Link – Android ||     iOS ||      Windows

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