Galaxy Nexus gets Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update

Galaxy Nexus devices have got an OS update. Without any fun-fare Google introduced its latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Nexus products. android-4.2-jelly-bean The Web giant has started the roll out in various regions and in few days it will be reaching across all regions. Well, sad to say, as of now the Jelly Bean roll out is only for the GSM Galaxy Nexus devices. This update will fetch considerable changes including the new Photo Sphere feature in the cameras app that will allow users take brilliant panoramic photos with 360 degree coverage. With Jelly Bean update Google has also made an effort in improvising the efficiency of keyboards. Android 4.2 fetches Gesture Typing, which in a way imitates the mechanism of Swype. One just needs to glide fingertips over the letters, and bingo! It will suggest list of words by predicting the most likely one user will need it. It has been tweaked that the text-to-speech libraries are very much on target and relevant now. Voice typing on the other hand also gets better with this update and it now would work with no data connectivity even. The notifications tray now gives quick setting. Users can quickly switch a feature on or off such as the mobile data, BluEtooth, GPS, airplane mode and brightness. All these can now be adjusted via Quick Settings. It appears that the notification updates are expandable and the relevant action can be taken directly from below the notifications. Got the update notification? Do share your experience with Jelly Bean in below comment box.

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