Fujitsu’s New Generation GPS Walking Stick for our seniors at MWC 2013

It is an undeniable fact that new improvements in technology usually garners the interest and attention from the younger generation and so the manufacturers ceaselessly make this demographic the target of their launches. It is only in keeping view of the capacity of the middle aged prosperous or even upcoming business folk that Companies make their creations conducive and useful to their needs. The elderly and dependent folk are usually not the target of new age technology save advancements and improvements in a minor way of already existent last century equipment and tools. Fujitsu GPS Cane The new Fujitsu New Generation Cane, showcased at the Mobile World Congress caused many to trot over for a closer view of the enticing concept. A prototype super-connected walking stick was shown off, and was promoted as a tool entirely dedicated to giving more comfort to seniors. This prototype is equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using which it acts as a guide to carry its owner safely to the desired destination. It also has a storage medium that keeps information which will come in handy in certain imaginable situations. This cane will certainly benefit those with increasingly common health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, who will have a constant reliable direction indicator and will also be useful to others who may chance upon a lost elderly folk to guide them in the right way. The cane has a comfortable handle consisting of glossy plastic which is enabled to provide ample grip. The handle accommodates to add in a screen having large display screen with coloured dots. The display shows green arrows pointing you in the right direction, or big green numbers conveying the heart rate. There are also Wi-Fi and battery status indicators found on the top. The handle diminishes into a normally appearing walking stick when it is not in use and comes alive instantly when the walker requires it. All the cane requires is a programming of the route into a piece of software on the computer to initiate navigation. Once this is done the cane will display arrows to guide the walker in the right path. The walkers route and position is displayed on the computer, so the motion is tracked in case the walker loses way. There are other features like a step counter, and temperature and humidity sensor. The date recorded on this cane like heart rate can be used and shared with doctors and other physicians. Image Source: cnet

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