Froyo officially available for Samsung Galaxy S in India

Samsung Electronics has been rolling out Android 2.2 froyo to Samsung Galaxy S handsets across the world. This update is now OFFICIALLY available in India. Samsung Mobile India’s twitter account confirmed this through couple of tweets today. There is no official press release yet, but the online discussion forums and communities are abuzz with users reporting about their upgrades. One particular tweet says that the upgrade would be available to all the users by tomorrow. Apparently, the froyo update is not available for Galaxy 3 devices yet and samsung tweeted that the update would be available ‘soon’ for galayx 3 handsets! galaxy-s-froyo-1 galaxy-3-froyo The upgrade is rolled out through Samsung’s distribution software called KIES. To upgrade to froyo, you need to do the following steps: 1. Download the latest version of KIES from samsung’s website 2. Install KIES in your PC. 3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S to the PC. 4. Once connected, the wizard will take you through the steps. 5. When prompted, complete the firmware upgrade. 6. Voila, you have upgraded your Galaxy S to froyo! Enjoy!

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