Ringing Bells Freedom 251 vs ChampOne C1: super-cheap Android phones battle it out

“Two of the cheapest Android phones go head-to-head in our comparison”

Not so long ago, a company by the name of Ringing Bells announced a budget Android phone by the name of Freedom 251 (first impressions). What created the buzz around the seemingly unknown company was the retail price of its smartphone which came in at just Rs 251. Regardless to say, the company’s website was flooded with registrations for the phone and Ringing Bells’ claim to fame was met with a lot of scrutiny. The Freedom 251 flipped the budget segment upside down and posed a real threat to the big guns in the smartphone industry. Now, a company by the name of ChampOne is looking to repeat the spectacle by introducing another Android-powered smartphone at a price of Rs 501. The question is, is the ChampOne C1 any better than the Freedom 251? Let’s find out. 

Display and Design

champone C1 (2)

Let’s face it, for the price, neither of the phones will win any laurels when it comes to design. With the Freedom 251, you’ll be looking at a 4-inch display which has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels while the ChampOne C1 (pictured above) sports a 5-inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. A higher resolution display translates into crisper text and better image quality which gives the ChampOne an edge over its competition. The ChampOne C1 also doesn’t seem to have cut corners to keep the cost down as the phone supposedly comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor which is absent in the Freedom 251. It is unclear at this moment whether the phones come with some form of screen protection. However, judging by the cost of each, we wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is no.

Performance, Storage and Software


For all the spec-heads out there, users get a MediaTek 6580 processor clocked at 1.3GHz and 1GB of RAM for multitasking with the Freedom 251. The ChampOne C1 on the other hand, is powered by a MediaTek 6735 quad-core processor which has been clocked at 1.3GHz with the phone offering 2GB of RAM. While bigger numbers don’t always translate into better real-time performance, users can expect the ChampOne to provide a smoother experience than the Freedom 251.


For storage, the ChampOne C1 trumps the Freedom 251 yet again with the former offering 16GB of internal storage versus just 8GB on the latter. While the storage on the Freedom 251 can be expanded via a microSD upto 32GB, details on whether the ChampOne offers expandable storage aren’t available as yet. Both the devices run Android 5.1 lollipop.



By now, you would have realised that the entire comparison sways in the favour of ChampOne C1 and the story remains unchanged here as well. The Freedom 251 features a measly 3.2MP rear facing shooter with a 0.3MP front facing camera for selfies. Ringing Bells tried to make up for the poor pixel count by equipping the Freedom 251 with an LED flash which should assist to some extent with low-light photography. Shedding some light on the ChampOne, users will find a modest 8MP sensor on the back with a 5MP sensor on the front for selfies. According to the images on the company’s website, the ChampOne C1 can be seen with an LED flash however, no mention for the same has been made in specifications. 

Battery And Connectivity

The Freedom 251 is fuelled by a 1,450mAh battery where as the ChampOne C1 has a 2,500mAh battery powering it. While the difference between the two batteries is quite massive, we’ll have to test out the ChampOne C1 to know just how good it is compared to the Freedom 251. In the connectivity department, both phones offer dual-SIM slots. While the Freedom 251 supports only 3G bands, users will be in for a treat with the ChampOne C1 claims to offer support for 4G. Support for A-GPS and mobile hotspot is also present on the Freedom 251. Unfortunately, the ChampOne listing on the company’s website doesn’t offer any insight on other connectivity features.

Pricing and Availability

champone-c1-mobile champone-c1 

As mentioned earlier, the Freedom 251 will set you back by Rs 251. At present, users can get the phone by enrolling with the company’s loyalty program only. With the ChampOne C1, you’ll be looking at spending Rs 501. Unfortunately, the company’s website states that they aren’t able to take any more orders due to technical issues with its gateway partner.


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