Free Mobile Tutorial For Students!

Chennai-based EdServ has launched a free mobile application for students. This new mobile application (SMART– Students Mobile Apps for Resources & Tutoring) will help students to clarify any doubts they may have in their homework and assignment /project related questions through expert tutors of EdServ’s online tuition portal According to the company, students can post their questions and doubts by logging on to 2tionSMART Apps installed on their mobile phone (no PC or laptop required). When a student posts a question, it will be displayed on which has over 20,000 registered tutors across the country. When a question gets answered, the student will get a sms/email and he can check his answers on his mobile by visiting 2tionSMART Apps. “This is one of the best tools for students to instantly clarify their subject matter doubts and getting help from best of tutors in the respective subject,” said S. Giridharan, chairman and CEO, EdServ. This application also has other features like motivational quotes from great leaders, word-a-day, idioms and phrases and Proverbs. The students can download this application ( 2tion SMART ) for free at or by SMS’ing ‘SMART’ to 9566178844 or send their question as – SMART directly to 9566178844.

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