FREE Limited Edition Gold Motorola XOOM for Oscar Nominees

Motorola XOOM, the world’s first android honeycomb tablet has been in the limelight for number of reasons. Impressive hardware specifications, Andriod honeycomb os and sleek design. In fact, XOOM even won the much coveted “Best of Show” at 2011 Consumer Electronic show. So far we have seen only two colour variants of XOOM namely Motorola XOOM Black and Motorola XOOM Silver. Looks like Motorola has one more up in its sleeves. Gold Limited Edition XOOM has been manufactured by Motorola and this limited edition is reserved for a very special occasion. XOOMgoldEdition Motorola will be handing over the XOOM limited edition Gold tablet encased inside a leather case (with the letter M embossed in gold) to the celebrities and nominees during this years Oscar Award ceremony. All the hosts and nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting actor, Best supporting actress and Best Director will be getting this tablet for FREE! Motorola is coordinating this through a premier celebrity product placement company called Backstage Creations. The company basically puts together some cool products and hands it over to the celebrities on the special shows and events for FREE. In return, they will get a press attention through celebrities posing with the products placed in the ‘gift bag’. At this point of time, it’s unclear if the limited edition gold tablet would be sold in retail. But, Motorola is not leaving any stone unturned to get the maximum eyeballs. Via Motorola Press Release
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