Four iOS Apps Developed for Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton slated for 29th April, 2011. Several arrangements and live video streaming were planned across the world to witness this event. royal-wedding The official website invites to watch the video and read the live commentary about the ceremony. The hype doesn’t end there. Americans go crazy, when it comes to European royalty. There are a four iOS apps developed, which allow you to live out the royal wedding on your iPhone and iPad. Interestingly, all these apps were free of cost. The Royal Wedding by Hello!, This app designed for both iPhone and iPad. This was developed Hello Ltd, a magazine company in Uk. This covers a whole story about the wedding and also contains a dedicated albums for the bride and groom, along with albums dedicated to royal wedding rings, wedding dresses and gifts. One of the cooler albums shows images from past royal weddings. Royal Wedding Insider, designed by BBC Worldwide and available for both Apple iPad and iPhones. BBC America’s Royal Wedding Insider is the best way to keep up with the latest on the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Apparently, this also provides the users with the breaking news from BBC News, exclusive video content and wedding tips from Brides Magazine. Time Travel Explorer – Royal Minister HD which is compatible with Apple iPad is an finely designed app for the event. This allows the user to explore maps of London from the present day, 1865 and 1830. On a virtual tour, one can find the locations of Royal Wedding events pointed out on the map. Precisely, it features sites and events in the history of the Royal Family over the last 200 years. The Royal Wedding by NBC News developed for iPad and iPhones. This interactive app gives you the finest information about the event. Apparently, this platform includes usual photo galleries, a history of the royals, the royal jewels etc. Apart from this, there is a tribute section to Princess Diana. One can experience all the news leading up to the Royal Wedding and a social tool for the day itself. The royal wedding takes place this Friday at Westminster Abbey.

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