Former Apple CEO encouraging the company to launch cheaper iPhones

John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple in an interview with Bloomberg  has suggested that the company should launch economical iPhones. There have been many rumours regarding Apple working upon an economical iPhone and recently Apple officially stated that rumour to be false.


John Sculley stated that Apple needs to adapt to the changing industry. The company needs to restructure its supply chain and work upon innovative techniques in order to manufacture its products at a lesser cost along with ensuring profitability.

He stated that the prime reason for Apple lagging behind in the race for smartphones is that its competitors have been working upon more innovative and effective strategies in order to capture the smartphone industry.

Samsung has emerged as a strong competitor to Apple. Samsung has provided enhanced features in an affordable price through its smartphones. 

John Sculley emphasised upon the point that Apple needs to manufacture lesser expensive iPhones in order to provide stiff competition to Samsung.


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