Fly Mobile to Enter Tablet Market in India

Fly Mobile is planning to enter the crowded budget tablet market in India. According to the company’s spokesperson, Fly Mobile is preparing to launch an Android Tablet for Rs.6000 in India. Fly also promised to deliver the cheapest Android tablet in the month of November 2011. flyasThe budget player, Fly Mobile launched a 7-inch Android tablet in Russian market and bagged successful sales record. We anticipate the same tablet will land in India with a few changes. The Android tablet named Fly Vision, which is on sales track in Russia comes with 600 Mhz Rockchip 2818 processor and 256 RAM. The device runs on Android OS v2.2 Froyo and has an internal flash memory of 4GB. This Android tablet also houses an external memory slot which can accommodate a 16 GB MicroSD card. Fly Vision allows the users to access the Android Market and comes pre-loaded with standard kit of Google applications like Google Talk, Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube. Fly Vision is enabled with connectivity functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. Additionally, the tablet comes with a SIM card slot where the user can make voice calls and use data for browsing. The tablet can play HD videos, comes with a pre-installed MS Office and utility tools. All these features for an affordable price tag will sincerely appeals the crowd.

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